The database of cemeteries and graves of Polish airmen killed or died during the war and after the war, scattered all over the world ...

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Hadfield, Seventh Ave - Fawkner Memorial Park

Updated: 2012-07-31

List of Polish airmen (9):

Official Number First name Surname Date of death Grave
705788 Tadeusz Banulski 2003-05-31
706208 Marian Bryłowski 1977-04-?? Boulevard Special Lawn: Section H Compartment N Grave 2
783233 Leonid Chwalko 1958-11-06 Compartment C Grave 193
706425 Antoni Dobija 1986-03-12 sec. South Lawn
707175 Tadeusz Józef Erbes 1994-04-05 3rd Ave Rose Garden Comp. Roses FA-3AVE*B***12
792483 Marian Wincenty Galant 1957-06-10 R/C*U***11697
780328 Stanisław Marian Kaliszewski 1993-02-16 Northern Park: Mawson (Lawn) Row B Grave 16
780852 Bolesław Łuczak 1972-02-03 Roman Catholic Compartment U Grave 11697
709934 Bronisław Śliwiński 1974-04-09 New Lawn Area East, NLA C.O. 65