The database of cemeteries and graves of Polish airmen killed or died during the war and after the war, scattered all over the world ...

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Saint Catharines, Queenston St. - Victoria Lawn Cemetery

Updated: 2012-10-29

List of Polish airmen (7):

Official Number First name Surname Date of death Grave
704865 Ludwik Chełmicki 1998-10-17 foto
709055 Tadeusz Głowacki 2003-07-10
706132 Dymitr Guluk 2010-07-21
P-1831 Julian Kolano 1989-09-24 foto
P-1908 Marian Kostecki 1995-07-06 Rodzinny
793481 Mikołaj Tymoszewicz 1963-04-29 foto
705055 Józef Weryński 2001-10-28 Kwatera: XL Rząd: 0001, Grób: 0013