Aviation memorials

Memorials commemorating the space battles, death or glory Polish airman during the war.

Palumeu, Vincent Fayks Airport

Wsp. 3.349437, -55.442609
Updated: 2017-10-07
Info. i zdj.: Nico Eigenhuis i Sonny Tai Tin Woei via P. Hodyra

Vincent Fayks Airport (IATA: OEM, ICAO: SMPA), in Pepejoe near Paloemeu, Suriname. The airport was constructed as part of Operation Grasshopper. It was named after the Polish pilot Vincent Fajks who crashed with co-pilot Ronald Kappel with their Aero Commander AC 520 (PZ-TAG) airplane at the site in October 1959, while trying to deliver building materials for the airport.[3] They both received a state funeral in Paramaribo on October 10, 1959. Paloemeu is a popular jungle resort on the Tapanahony River.