Aviation memorials

Memorials commemorating the space battles, death or glory Polish airman during the war.

Elgin, New Brunswick, Pomnik poświęcony pamięci śmierci mjr. obs. A. Markiewicza i por.naw.-ucznia M. Głóda

Wsp. 45.797281, -65.109415
Updated: 2019-05-16
"Księga lotników polskich..." O. Cumft, H.K. Kujawa    
"Ku czci..." Zbiorowa    
"Polskie Siły Powietrzne..." T.J. i Anna Krzystek    
Info. i zdjęcia: Zenon Winnicki; Maria Dłutek    
Ponizej notka na temat odsłonięcia pomnika z Polish Consulate in Halifax website:    
"In 1943, two polish pilots; Major Andrzej Markiewicz and Lieutenant Mieczyslaw Glód crashed near Elgin in extreme weather conditions during the training exercise in preparation for an overseas mission in Europe. Both pilots are buried at the cemetery in Moncton.     
This year, at the initiative of Jeff Martin, local businessman and community leader, a cenotaph has been erected to commemorate this event. The unveiling of the monument was attended by the Military, Naval and Air Attaché Col. Cezary Kiszkowiak from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ottawa, Honorary Consul Jan Skora, Alaina Lockhart Member of Parliament, members of the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick and members of Polish and Canadian community."    
Pani Maria Dłutek    
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