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Lista Krzystka Updated: 2012-11-26
Official Number

polski: sierż.pil./303 DM; 307 DMN/
brytyjski: W/O

Date of birth

Date of death

Wsp. 3.109502, 101.730199

Row 31 Grave 967
Photo of grave


The post war period

"Polskie Siły Powietrzne..." T.J. i Anna Krzystek    
  • 2020-06-22 Dominik Kościelny
    Dostałem taką wiadomość od przyjaciela:    
    "Last year, I was booked to do a buggy tour and discovered that during the Second World War the gentleman had served in the RAF. As I introduced myself, I asked whether there was anything he especially wanted to see or do. He said, "I want to find a name on the wall but don't know the name." He explained that after the end of the war, he had been posted to RAF Kuala Lumpur. He led a search party into the jungle to find a crashed Spitfire as the RAF wanted to retrieve the engine to investigate what had gone wrong and to recover the body of the pilot.    
    Phil Nixon, one of my fellow volunteers, worked his magic to find the name, looking up records of Spitfire crashes in the region in the 1950s and the names of lost air-crew. There was only one possible result. Josef Janicki, a Polish airman, who died on 20 January 1950. We found his name is on panel 033M of the Armed Forces Memorial.    
    When I took the gentleman to the Armed Forces Memorial I realised he had very poor sight, so I took him right up to the panel. Fortunately, the name was at the bottom of the middle panel, meaning I could help him trace the name with his finger and took a picture for him. It was incredibly moving as he shared that he had thought about the pilot constantly, wondering who he was. We discovered that Josef Janicki was posted to 60 Squadron and his Spitfire was TP319. It was a very happy visitor who went home that evening, finally having the answers he had craved for many years.    
    When I went to bed that night I could only think of how he must have felt, finally knowing the airman's name. I hope he slept well that night."