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Jan Jerzy

Lista Krzystka Updated: 2019-04-15
Official Number

polski: plut.mech.przyrz./308 DM/

brytyjski: LAC

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The post war period

"Polskie Siły Powietrzne..." T.J. i Anna Krzystek    
Jelec Jan Jerzy urodził się w m. Warszawa ... ()
  • 2020-02-16 Antonowicz Roman
    Hi, may Vather was any friend with the Mrs Jelec from the II WW, they are sent any post card every year to christmas and somoetims any letter - from England. Then, from Australia - selten. My father was deadth on the year 1974 . Few years letter (?) Mr Jelec was going to Australia and the contact between our family was interrupted.     
    Now, I aim any President of Seniors of piliot in Częstochowa , we prepare any history of the polish pilot troghut the II ww , I need all informations / photos/ documents / scan about the our pilot. Closed to Czestochowa is new Muzeum of Dywizjon 3030 , they have more then 3000 parts- documents, wear, orders etc. of all polish sguadrons in England in II ww. If you have any documents , you can give as - originell or any copy- please send me , if you can sen me any copy of the letter of my vather to Mt Jelcyn, and any information about my father - please. best regards , please answer !!!!!
  • 2020-09-04 Grudniak Wiesław